Thursday, July 5, 2012

A public message - To avoid TLDR posts on the blog

Don't know if you've ever read my blog(s), or not, however, I've decided to consolidate (whatever there was to..), and from now on write in a single place - here... because I figured, this is what I write, no need to divide by subject, I can always tag/label whatever, so you know if you might be interested or not...

Since the beginning I've always written for myself, never to attract a following, though I know some people do read, for whatever reason, so this is for you (and myself to finalize the decision).
If I want to be or not, I will always remain a grouchy geek... so if I'm writing about my work, life, health, kids, rants or woodworking / woodturning in Hebrew or English - I can write about the whole thing under the same heading without feeling to bad about it. 
including also:

The kids blogs will not be added, but will be consolidated into the "kids blog" shared instead of a single one for each (though they will retain the original URLs which will lead to the same place).
including of course:

The technical process of bringing it all together will take me some time, but all  the new stuff will  be joined.

Have fun!

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