Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thoughts about Tablet form Factor

Maybe I should become a Tech blogger?

Anyway, I'm the owner of the Galaxy Tab 7" (first edition, WiFi + 3G) - I use it as my phone (+ Bluetooth Headset), as well as out of office computer, recently bought an el-chipo bluetooth keyboard to type with.

So this device travels everywhere with me, it charges in the car (on the go), and it manages to last a full work day (just barely though), and then full charge at home. I find it very useful. (I haven't yet done a battery calibration).
I'm very happy with the size, and was excited when I heard Samsung is coming out with a new model with upgraded specs.

I find it excellent for reading in bed (I like the kindle better, but it has its drawbacks), controlling the kids computer (loading movies for them to watch, shutting it down when it's necessary), getting and answering my mail and social network notifications, keeping notes and task lists, car navigation, SMS, voice and video calls, keeping up with news, podcasts the list goes on and on (and can't forget gaming, although I'm not really that much into it)

My fantasy setup (need a little more cash to achieve) is:
  1. Small handset for phone that is tied in to the tablet for contacts and other things (phone should have 3G and the tablet can use that connection via phone hot spot). A Samsung Galaxy would be an overkill for this, but a good fit (not the 4.5" but smaller)
  2. 7" tablet - my current one works exteremly well, but I would love a longer life battery and better hardware specs (+ I guess Icecream Sandwich OS) - this would be used for getting around, traveling, meetings etc.
  3. For the home I would like to have a bigger tablet 10.1" or so, beats my PC hands down for entertainment and stuff (Android OS) - this would be for watching movies and games. If I can get two of these or even three, so I can have the kids play on it and have one for my wife at the same time (I could still use my 7")
  4. Bluetooth keyboard, so I can type on my tablets with ease.
  5. Just bought a stylus (Jot Pro) which I hope will help with drawing and sketching on the tablet.
  6. Still need a PC to( or two) for all the other stuff I do, and to perform as a multimedia hub, storing all the movies, pictures, audio and I also use it for professional usages of( website development, software development and other usages which the tablet doesn't do yet)
  7. Optional: E-Ink Kindle (or any good E-Ink device) would like it to have touch technology though - for book reading

I Don't think I'll need 3G capabilities for my next tablet, I think tethering on to the phone and( or phones WiFi access point) will be more than enough.

No iPhone or iPad on this list? you're right - tried it and didn't like it, much prefer Android and it's possible customizations and hacks, what can I say, I'm a technical savvy power user and I don't want to give away my control.

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