Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm back (from Google+)

I decided to stop posting blog posts on Google+, at least untill they enable auto-save, and re-kindle my "tech-blog" opened a long time ago.

I slowly realize that I sometimes have thoughts on technology and that I'd like to write them down. For a while I've been writing about them on Google+, and publishing them over there, but due to problems I've been having with it, I finally decided to come back to blogger and publish here for the public, and only mentioning the posts on Google+.

What problems you ask? Isn't Google+ perfect? Well there are many issues, some are very minor some more serious:

  1. No Auto-Save: it is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a writer, writing for a long time and then having it all disappear. When writing in some 
  2. Public Vs Private issues... You can't have a post which is limited in the push to people send only to some circles, but have it open for all to see through a link.
  3. No search - no one can reach my posts using Google Search.
  4. Can't put ads on my posts - a minor issue, but still.
  5. Limited Images and Videos in posts

I'm quite sure that most if not all of these issues will be addressed in future versions of Google+ but until then...

So my setup is changing for now, I will publish my posts - all of the English language ones, on this blog and my Hebrew ones on another one. Whatever is a small post Twitter like, will still go on Google+, and whenever I publish anything on the blogs I will push a notification to Google+.

As a side note: discovered that blogger has now an autocomplete typing feature that works pretty well.
Your'e welcome to comment here or on Google+

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