Friday, September 16, 2011

Controlling Your Circles Visibility Tip!

If you tried editing your Google+ Profile (you should, very important - this is your face.), you know there are a LOT of options and things you can do on that page.

One of those options is showing Who follows you / Who do you follow - using boxes:

  1. People in common (##)
  2. In (Xxxx)'s circles (###)
  3. Have (Xxxx) in circles (###)
You have an option to decide if people can see the #2 box (and by this implicitly cause box #1 to appear or not), and another option to display (or not) box #3. In addition you can set who can see boxes 1+2 (Anyone / Your circles only).

This is a good and important feature, but there is an additional sub-option here which is even more important, but more obscure since it is a sub-option of the option which makes it hard to display prominently, pay attention!

You can choose which circles will be included/dropped from the data displayed in boxes 1+2, meaning that you will show ONLY those persons who are part of the "People I want to show the world that I follow" circle and avoid displaying the "I don't want anyone to see / know follow those guys", and by that improve your public face and avoid giving free advertisement to those profiles you do not wish to promote even though you do follow them.

To illustrate assume you want your family private (even though you are a public person) - remove them from this list, or if you want to show your professional partners - make their circle visible. Daily deals you subscribe to by following - hide, Charity organizations you want to promote - show.... you get the drift.

This is a very powerful option, AND it doesn't change a thing about your streams and notifications - you will still get notifications about people from those circles adding you, commenting, mentioning etc. and you will continue seeing their posts in the relevant streams.

Where to find this setting: These settings are accessible either directly from the profile page "Change who visible here" or from Google+ Settings page (top-right corner of the page in the black bar wheel button) -> Profile and Privacy tab (from left menu) -> "Edit Network Visibility" button

P.S. or Related Tip: if you're looking at someone else's profile, if you don't see yourself in the In (Xxxx)'s circles box, you might be followed by him anyway (if the circle you are in is not in the list). How do you know? At the top right of the page under the Green button showing in which of your circles this person is (or if he isn't in any - you will have a red "Add to circles" button) - there will be a small note saying: "You are in Xxxxx Xxxx's circles" or "You are in Xxxx Xxxx's circles too" - depending on if you follow him or not, this note is displayed only to the relevant person when he is logged in, and is a way to check on things when you get a notification that someone is following you and you want to verify it still is the case.

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