Sunday, September 18, 2011

Book "review" - Kiln People by David Brin

I'll start by saying that I liked the book very much. Kiln People like other good science fiction books is here to explore possibilities of  technological advancement. The book describes one that I personally do not believe will ever come to happen, especially not in the "technique" described. Still the implications and ramifications are well explored and discussed and the plot is pretty good as well. I won't go into the details or any spoilers.
There are many concepts discussed in the book and the more you continue reading the more "crazy" it gets, it's anoying I know - not to explain what I mean, but the ending is not so good, and by ending I don't mean how it ends for the hero(s) of the book, but the concept of what happens there I think goes beyond the scope of the book - the author David Brin whos' books I realy like went ballistic with possibilities, but I expect that in a book with so much morality and mortality there was a need to ascend a bit beyond?!
Anyway, if you liked I, Robot by Asimov you'd probably like this one as well - it is definitley meant as a compliment and not connected to the fact that both have movies that are related (in the Asimov case a movie by the same name) - actually Kiln People is only related in idea to the movie Surrogates, apparently there is a totally different movie script it is based on (that is what David Brin says, to me it seems a bit too coincidential)
Recently I decided to split my reading time between analog (paper) and digital books, during the work week I read digital content - web pages, kindle etc. and on the weekend I relax with a good old paperback. This was a paperback and it provided a few weekends of joyous reading. It is making good use of my paperbacks and allows me to focus on reading - something that is much harder using a connected device for the reading, Amazon has done a VERY good thing by hiding system notifications when the Kindle app is loaded on Android, but that's never enough. On weekends my digital devices are shit down so they don't provide any distraction.
Kiln People - David Brin

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