Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Embarking on a new journey....

For the first time ever (except some small ventures when I was much younger) I am now self-employed. Opened my own business as a Web/Software Development consultant / Woodworker (interesting combination, I know).

This was made possible by a nice company hiring me as a consultant, which of course helped support my decision (along with my dear wife) - it all started by getting downsized by my previous company, along with a quarter of the company (I won't name them here, but you can see who it is on my LinkedIn profile), I'm not angry or anything, in fact I think I was the happiest person in the company on that day - not so much because I wanted to leave - I really liked working there, great idea, great software and above all - great people, but the moment I was informed, I felt so free... it was a good feeling. On that same day I got at least three job offerings - which I declined, I needed some rest. I used the month of notice the company gave me for resting (and getting over the flu), and a lot of neglected projects at home and some woodworking.

Then the consulting offer came, and I decided to take it. Working on a top secret project (:-) what can say, it is secret, not supposed to talk about it), which I hope I can expose at least part of soon, the project is in a very busy area of the Web Development world, but it has some unique aspects that make it much more interesting and challenging than a regular run of the mill project in it's product group. on the other hand, there is a lot of competition even though we are not "exactly" the same, so it won't be easy, it will be a hard fight to finish the project and make it really work!

There are a lot of challenges up ahead in all aspects of the product, it's a very small team with a lot of work to do, in a myriad of subjects and specialties - and since I'm joining the project at the very beginning and as a senior developer/consultant - I am at a very good position to influence many choices and try to help make this a great product (hopefully I'll give the right advice). A good opportunity for me to make my mark and gain significant experience and reputation in the field.

I've also started branching out from development to website promotion, for now on the very technical level of SEO (search engine optimization), but also intending to consult businesses  and help them to build a Social Media presence and establish conversations with their clients through Social Media using the right tools and approach. Already signed 3 clients for SEO (4 including my own websites :-))

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