Sunday, September 9, 2007


Hi all,

this time I'm writing so you can avoid a very anoying website. I'll start by saying that I am not working for any of their competition, I'm just a poor fellow who got an invite and decided to try out a new social network.

I'm usually a carefull man, I try to read the little letters of the contract, especialy if I'm a little worried.

A few days ago, I joined this service (don't want them to get to much google juice), through a incousous invitiation recieved from a friend.

After I joined a standard screen for getting my contacts appeared (at least standard in social network sites). I again filled the details, understanding that this is just to provide me with an easy way to invite friends to join - which is fine.

The list arrived after a few seconds, and I chose to invite only one person that was already on the website (not the one that invited me). and submitted. I then explored a little and like many new such sites - I understood that there was nothing new or interesting, so I left, thinking well, it's just going to be another dormant account like many I have, with the occasional email reminding me it's there and waiting.

A few days pass, and suddenly I get in my work email an invite from me (my other account) to join the service. I certainly didn't invite myself... A few more hours pass by and suddenly my inbox is filled with messages from friends, family and auto-responders + support addresss - all saying we recieved an email from you about this service... is it good? SHIT!!!! I realized they used that address book to send to everybody.

Now I don't care if it's a bug, or on purpose, or whatever... I think it is just rude and hurtful to do such a thing. Some of the entries in my address book are business contacts or other contacts that I would never dream of inviting to my network, not because I don't like them or something like that, but because it's just not the type of relationship we have, or maybe I just wrote them once to comment on their blog and gmail put them in my contact list - but I never would be considered by them as a friend - and such a mail would just be SPAM...

Now I don't know on how many blacklists this has put me, I apologize for being to trustfull of a shady company. I don't really know how to fix this - another email from me (since the website put my name as the sender and reply to address) - would probably be even more trouble...

Just after being hit, I finally googled and cam up with these (top ten after the company url),1759,2179181,00.asp

And this is just the begining.

To all my friends and contacts, I apologize for this un-solicited email, I hope something can be done about these disgusting spammers!

Shana Tova!

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