Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Great Google Gears Ideas by Nathan

Reading through my daily blogroll, read another of nathan's excellent posts (if you don't know Nathan already go now to his excellent InsideGoogle blog - a very good resource on all things Google).

To the point, he mentiones that there is a neat proof of concept web site called GearPad (guess, guess, ahhh you'll never guess what this is replacing... :-)) Obviously a little underbaked, but that is what you do POCs for - a prerun for implementing Gears on Google docs... but still a pretty useful and lite utility.

Anyways... What really caught my I are Nathan's ideas for a Gear console/control panel - these are great ideas, and the more spread Gear is gonna get - more usefull and NEEDED. I'd like to think someone at Google is already working on Hacking something out...

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