Sunday, June 3, 2007

Microsoft Surface: wow, and then again WOW!!!

I've been blown away by this video, it's not this often that I see a new products that I'm this impressed with, but lately MS has been releasing these very impressive demos. I like new stuff :-) This isn't a really new thing, it's been around (Microsoft doesn't like to admit that, but it has) - but the ideas are fascinating - a lot of imagination and effort have been put into this.

I definitely see myself owning this device (not at the price mentioned, but when it is a lot cheaper) what a useful toy, even more if say I have this device and it supports dual (or more monitors) where I can control what is displayed on each using the main unit as the control surface for the different monitors/sound systems around the house, a neat house control center.

Obviously this is not a developer oriented OS, but would definitely work for my home, or alternatively for professionals who work with arranging data (think magazine editors and graphic designers) visually.

Well enough of my babble, Enjoy!

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