Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Start - leaving the past behind...

Not really though, I'm just leaving behind all my half baked blogs and focusing on a single one to contain my grouchiness. Old blogs will probably be deleted soon, maybe I'll save some data.

To start a grouchy blog with a positive thing might be a little counter-intuitive but I write it as it happens, and it happened so I have no choice ;-)

I've been thinking about using "Google Apps for Your Domain" for a long time, ever since they first opened the beta, I applied and after quite some time was accepted. The service was then for gmail only, and my Registrar back then (DirectNic) didn't provide MX control, so I couldn't use the service. About a month ago I got the renewal notification for my domain (you can guess what it is from the URL at the top), and decided to go shopping, I've never really did that before. Found out that GoDaddy will transfer my domain and give me two years of subscription all for the price of a single year in DirectNic - I was sold. Went through the process which was surprisingly easy and painless. The only complaint I have is that when the process was complete - they never sent me a notification... So my original web site was down for sometime, no biggie since nobody ever visits it anyway.
Cruising through the control panels at GoDaddy I found out that I have complete control over my domain, so I decided to find that email where I got my confirmation from Google.
I found it a few minutes later (gmail does have nice search).

From then on everything was even easier than transferring the domain... it was so easy to set up my domain on the Google servers it almost felt like sin. Google now hosts my website (through google pages), my mail server and web-mail (through Gmail), my Calendar (which never existed before...) and also all my blogs (through blogger and the custom domain feature). And all of this is for free (for now). Unbelievable! I can only say "Thank you Google!"

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