Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A new service I'm trying out - Jot Wiki

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In my effort to document / preserve / collect / take your choice the family information, I'm constantly on the lookout for new web sites/services that will allow me to do one or more of these activities, in hope of finding the ultimate application.

Up to today I have tried doing this with several different applications blog, web site, picture site, (my hard drive) - this is because I do not want to save this information for myself - I want to share it with the world/family...

These services are nice, but they are not meant for this, the order and usabilty of the information relies solely on the creator - they are general applications. I need something more.

There are also several offline utilities that allow to publish to the web. not good enough either:

  1. They cost money
  2. Though it is easier to backup the database that they run on, this is propriety format, and not easily shared (changes can only be made with the software and not on the website)

Now it's time for the next try, a supposedly designed Wiki to do this Jot Spot, allows you a free trial with no apparent limits.

I just started out, it's nice and geared for family, including a nice family tree, family calendar with birthday application, family directory, photos and more... AJAX based and pretty easy to use, still working it out for what is good for me.

It seems that I will eventualy have to build it, if I want to be completely happy with it. Can anyone recommend a web site that does what I need (even if it charges a moderate fee for it, as long as there is a trial version)?

(Disclaimer: The link above is a link that will give me something if you decide to join too, and especialy if you join as a paying customer. So I have some sort of interest in you trying them :-)

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