Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A few amazing things done with Web 2.0 - Flickr Example

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Innovation keeps on hitting me in the face, amazing ideas I wish I had thought of first.

Comes a company called Flickr of which I'm sure you all heard about already, many times - and offers a great product, mostly for free. I will not go in to what they offer - its pretty simple and everyone knows about it. In addition to their "main" offering - they also created an open, free API to access all that, along with a scheme to allow other entities to authenticate for you (only if you allow them).

Since the service is so popular a host of applications that integrate with it through this API has grown, and many of them offer the user so much more than the original offer by adding another layer over it.

I will give just a few of the examples here - these are just a few examples out of tons! you can see more here:

  1. Flappr - this is an application that allows you to view public Flickr images through a Flash interface the querying and information displayed are realy nice, you can lose yourself for hours in the contextual thread you weave for yourself...
  2. retrievr - This one is special. You get to draw something on a small whiteboard, the application then searches for pictures on Flickr (again public only) that fit that drawing. I don't know how they do it, but it is amazing. Try it
  3. Cropper + SendToFlickr plugin - This is not a full featured app, just a plugin for Cropper a desktop screen catpure utility, that allows you to take screen shots directly to Flickr (useful only if you take screenshots and use Cropper to do so). This example is here to show simple stuff....
  4. preloadr - Now this is neat. After you upload your picture to Flickr you often want to manipulate it (rotate, resize, crop) Flickr allows you to do some of the things but not all (and some would argue not enough). In comes preloader - a virtual image editor. You supply your login to Flickr and it loads you images and allows you to edit them and save them directly back to Flickr. It is so seemlessly integrated with Flickr that after two times you use it, you will no longer know the difference and you will think it is part of Flickr (maybe that's the goal of the company)

There are more of these out there...

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