Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Database Change Management

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After a long time I'm back writing, mostly because I have something to write about - mostly time has passed by uneventfully...

At work, something has changed, actually two things. one is that we have moved to a new office building in a different area, this one is brand new, and has everything that was missing from the old one, especially the fact that I now share an office with a friend - opposed to sitting in an open-space environment, which in my opinion is unsuitable for developing anything but noise.

Another important change is that my boss for the last two years decided to manage no more, or at least until he thinks otherwise - and moved to a developer (senior) role in our team, and team leadership was taken by someone new. The team is now much larger (two different but close teams were merged into one). This is (I hope) the begining of some other changes as well, to do with the work environment and other issues.

As part of this starting change trend, we are looking at changing the teams work environment - programming development enviornment, and part of this mission is to see how to better handle the database change management. We have a pretty sophisticated product for managing the code-base (CM Synergy), but we have yet to understand how to control database developement using it. We are looking into ways to improve control and ease of distribution of the database scripts and changes.

Currently I'm researching DB-Ghost ( which seems ok for some of our needs - build script management and cm intgeration (using the automation kit), but I have yet to see how it will help us for the Dev environment (the upper uses are good for install creation and such), and patching control. unless we buy a license for each user (~$400) and still have some problems, I'm trying to think of more solutions, but two other vendors in this area, Quest ( and Red Gate ( can't seem to explain exactly what sort of change management tools they offer - I'm not much for slogans, I need to see the actuall feature to understand (or at least a video demonstration such as innovartis provides) to understand if it is good for me.

I would love to hear opinions and suggestions about how such things are implemented in other multi-developer environments... I know I can learn more... Oh I forgot to mention, this of course needs to support MS SQL server 2000 - thanks!

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