Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Searching and Finding a new home

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Since our wedding (and before) my wife and I have been searching for a place to call home - for at least a year, maybe more. This made me think a lot about what kind of place I would like to live in, and I reached some conclusions - if I could I would like to live in the country - away from city life, not that I dislike the city, but that is what I prefer. I grew up in a small village and as a young boy, going to the city was a major hassle - in Israel nothing is far away, but the fact that there was close to no public transportation made it very hard to get there. So the city was always and still is facsinating for me. But I do prefer not to live there.

The trouble with moving out to the country-side is work, as sad as it may be, I still have to work, and my current line of work as a software engineer forces me to be close to the city, why? since the company I work in (and I believe most companies here) do not think so highly about Tele-Commuting. It is sad that the company I work for is that way - since our product is about Tele-Commuting (Remote-Collabortaion, Communication etc...) (check out - disclaimer: I work for this company). Now that would be logical if the product wasn't that good, but the fact is it is really good (again, I work here, but I really like it and this is my opinion). Truth is I haven't pushed for this - but I think I know the answer I will get. I would love to be able to work most of the week from home and commute to the office 1/2 days a week (or maybe even less). The software we develop makes it possible to work with a team from home, and even join into meetings and be very productive. Even the network infrastructure here in Israel can already support high traffic easily (assuming I manage to reduce my downloading habbits :-)).

So eventually, after a lot of searching in the center of Israel area, we have come to settle on my home village, where we found a nice small house for a reasonable rent. This wasn't expected, we were looking in other directions when the offer came - and we were happy. The house comes with a nice garden, and we have to work on it to make it cozy - the house was built almost 50 years ago - and not in a high standard, so you can imagine - there is work to be done. However, it is not as bad as it sounds, and I expect to have a good time living there with my new wife and renovating a little in the house, gardening outside etc... Maybe even setting a small Wi-Fi network to use in the garden :-)

So we just finished ordering our new refigirator and oven and bedroom (my wife allowed no geekiness traits of mine to surface, and budget is limited :-( so currently I don't even have a place for my computer to stand... but we'll find something...). The trouble with a small apartment is that there is never enough space for everything you want.

I'm looking forward to moving in (in about two weeks when we finish cleaning the place up).

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