Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back to my old profession

 In the last few days I've been working at my old profession - HTML monkey, and let me tell you I realise why I stopped (even though I never really stopped).

My wife performes with this music group, they play Rebetiko (greek blues, I guess) and she sings. Like all music groups they are trying hard to gain recognition - and as part of that they decided they want a Website. So we're starting small as the budget is low, and for started I started by designing a simple web site (I'll do the administrative side later, as it is much less important).

Let me tell you HTML is boring, and desiging it is hard, especially designing “good” HTML - since the “client” is never happy - especially when you do it for free (where he should be happier). The worst part of it is that the site is in hebrew - which makes it even harder to design, none of my favorite editors really support hebrew very well - and working in right to left mode is also hard for me... The main problem is, I'm no designer - I'm just a simple old HTML monkey - I know the technique and how to achieve almost any design thrown at me - but here it's my job :-(

I'm not publishing the URL of the site for two reasons:
1. It is not yet on air (I just purchased hosting services today - and the DNS is not updated)
2. There is nothing I feel proud about - it just doesn't look to good in my opinion...

It was fun registering the domain, and discovering that my Registrar Handle (for Israrl isoc.org.il) still exists from 1995, using it instead of re-entering all the info - and even finding out that it works!!! Sitting until late at night with my wife deciding on color schemes - turning it into a CSS style sheet, and making a site layout... Cropping and working with images, without any coding at all (for now) - that is yet to come.

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