Monday, April 11, 2005

There are some problems for us with Windows 2003 SP1 after all

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I'm done checking SP1, if you think it was done too fast, you are right. But luckily I'm not the only one checking it and I have some good backup forces on this one. I knew I wouldn't be satisfied until I found some issues - and I wasn't disappointed.

These issues are sort of interesting, because I couldn't find any reference on these changes, so I am still in doubt on how to solve them.

1. A function we use for setting up IIS Virtual Directories fails to do what it should. It fails when we attempt to set a Parameter called IPSecurity of the virtual directory (affects if this directory is secured to be allowed access only from a specific list of IP's). This is a method/property that worked fine in previous versions of IIS (including IIS 6.0), and fails for SP1. A little searching in the documentation, provided no answer.
2. I Also tested Windows 2003 SP1 as a client platform to our application, and attempting a specific action on our website isn't working. The feature in question is using an IE embedded option called oClientCaps and specifically a function called getComponentVersion is returning an error of not being known. This part too used to work in previous versions.

These two issues appear to be reltively minor (not to us as a company - they are pretty disturbing), but as a whole compared with the huge amount of code written for the service pack. The quality of backwards compatibilty in Microsoft operating systems is quite amazing. Obviously they break it sometimes - but that is to be expected - I know, I do things like that all the time.

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