Monday, March 7, 2005

Why don't we talk about MSN?

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Mike Torres (MSN - Early adopters and "influencers") asks why? please answer him...

I just deleted a lot of blah-blah, let me just answer his question from my side. Let me just say that I am an early adopter as long as it doesn't cost me money (I would spend money on those stuff, just that I don't have it to spend :-) donations are welcomed....

First, I'd like to say to you Mike is that I did try out MSN, I actually did it because I read your blog. So look at 2 - more bloggers increase exposure especially with blog readers - if the blog has some worthwile content - we read it. So here is the list
1. Yes, do give us more developer APIs - make it easier for bored devs to develop interesting applications using your services - this requires documentation as well I guess.
2. Yes, More bloggers from the team (We like to hear the dirt :-) not mareketing blurbs)
3. Yes, More personalization
4. More customization would be even more appriciated than personalization - moving squares around is nice, but I want my own CSS if possible. Even my own scripts (how about those Google Ads, or maybe MSN ads that could generate me some income? - would help me buy gadgets maybe :-))

I don't know if doing this would help at all, you do realise being where you want MSN to be is also connected with luck (lots of it) and corporate image (in your case being part of Microsoft) - this has nothing to do with the butterfly - which is nice in my opinion...  Being underdog helps - but Google or Amazon (which generate a healthy part of this rave you want) are not even close to being underdogs.

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