Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Me - Unfashionable - I guess

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I used to be all the rage about Open Source, and Anti-Microsoft - you know, Micro$oft is the source of all evil and such...

But I grew up I guess. Now I'm not so hip, I guess I like Microsoft, and Google and IBM etc. Why?
What I really like about them is the R in the R&D, the fact that the big companies have huge research facilities, that work all day at new ideas and new technologies, the edge beyond the cutting edge...

This is really what pulls at me - my dream to be at such a place. Obviously, there are real world goals behind this - these facilities need to show their worth by issuing usable ideas and technologies. But they are given the time to do so. http://research.microsoft.com/




These companies spend huge amounts of cash on staying ahead, they really think forward even though it might appear otherwise at times. Sometimes these companies miss on great ideas that they developed there (the known case of XEROX and the windows concept, not to mention the mouse). Some really talented people work at these places, and those are places I would like to be at.

Sadly it seems that it would be hard without an appropriate diploma (which I don't have).

Out of these the most disappointing is the Google labs, they are the most focused on now - and providing the next beta for Google, but I guess Google is still a very young company that hasn't gotten far ahead (at least in the published stuff - you know maybe they are hiding the really advanced stuff :-() If anyone knows a way for me to get into this - I would be grateful! (ain't that lame? I should just send my CV? do I even stand a chance?)

Just a note: these sites are choke full of information, you can get smart just from reading....

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