Monday, March 21, 2005

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After a short pause due to technical difficulties (I lost my disk on key) I now return with full strength to listen to audio content from the web. Those famed podcasts.

Actually instead of buying a disk on key, I bought one of those all-in-one MP3 players, so it plays MP3,WMA,ASF,WAV, FM Radio, and can also record (voice or FM radio), and store documents on it. I settled for a 256MB model, which seems quite enough for my needs. This is mostly for in-car listening, but for the past few days I have been sick in bead, and found out that it was also more comfortable than using the computer for it, since all controls are near - with no need to go to the computer every time the phone rrrings.

One of the main places I go for content to is, it has some excellent recordings. and I always look for ones that might inspire me, or teach me new things. out of this batch the one I liked the most was: Brewster Khale - Universal Access to All Knowledge this person is one of the founders of mostly known for the way-back machine (the internet archive) which is what I had known about, but it turns out that in recent years it has grown to include many other bits and scraps of information (if you can call full length movies bits :-)). The motto says it all “Universal Access to human knowledge” that is the goal of the site. Of course they do not claim to hold all of the human knowledge, but they are trying to collect as much as possible and doing a good job.

The talk is pretty inspiring, and it is evident that it was inspiring to the audience as well, who couldn't stop asking questions, I had a few myself - but I came a little to late ;-)

After this (or more accurately during) I went to visit the site, and it is full of data, the problem is, it is very hard to find anything interesting, if you don't already know what you are looking for. It is choke full of info, and also organized pretty good, but there is simply to much to sort through. I felt like I needed guidance.

Go visit there, I'm sure you will enjoy!

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