Thursday, February 17, 2005

The new Google Toolbar (V3) - Beta (what else)

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This is probably all over the net by now, but I just stumbled on the Google Blog (actually I look at it every day)

Google Toolbar 3 Beta was just released

  • SpellCheck: Whenever users type into a web form (including web-based email, discussion forums, and intranet web applications), SpellCheck instantly reviews and suggests corrections. The AutoFix option enables users to automatically check and correct all the text they're entering with one click.

  • AutoLink: Whenever users see a U.S. address on a web page, one click on AutoLink automatically links the address to an online map. For example, if users are reading a review of a new restaurant, clicking on AutoLink will turn its address into a link to a map, complete with directions. AutoLink also links package tracking numbers to pages displaying that package's delivery status and other useful information, such as Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) and Publication ISBN numbers.

  • WordTranslator: This feature translates words from English web pages into one of 8 other languages. Hover the cursor over a word and Google Toolbar's WordTranslator feature displays the word in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, or Korean.

International verison coming soon.

What can I say, out of these three I personally will only use the spell checker, and even that in very limited places (I only write long text in this blog, and ieSpell is quite good when I do use it), all the other new features are only usefull for I18N types, or people who live in the US (again, not me).

I am dissapointed that there is no integration with gmail (incorporation of the notifier code, can't be to hard...). Of course I installed, it looks to be a better version in any case - supports all the old functions and behaves nicer, UI is also a little nicer...

[Small Update] The AutoLink feature may not be usefull for me, but it is unbelieveable, and works like a charm, you can for example go to and search for pizza stores (why do I always search for pizza) in New York city, and just watch the Autolink button fill up with map options. Just an excellent way of taking business away from the Yellow pages into Google hands - who needs yellow pages anyway? Just use local search for the same thing, looks much nicer on Google! Actually it seems like the Local Search/Maps are highly integrated with the Toolbar, while GMail is kept as a totally seperate product, no links from the Google main page and no integration to the toolbar. Seems to me that regardless of their statements, Google does not view GMail as a prime product, or maybe just not part of their search product. Maybe the Google religion, as a way of life to do things? Oohh I coined a new google phrase, lets see how long before it is adopted by the mases, and reaches 1st place on google for that specific search :-)

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