Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Great Post by Scot Hanselman - Interview Questions for .NET Developers

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Go Here to read the questions:


It's interesting, as I've mentioned my team is slowly gearing up to the move to .NET - currently in more outer channels - a little hiring and some consulting to be able to establish time lines... I'm very eager for this move, and am always on the lookout for more .NET knowledge.

Its hard to learn new technology without the hands-n experience, I've got no shortage of tools, only shortage of time - no time to experiment, last time I've built a .NET project was two years ago (some web services in C#), I loved it, although it gave me a hard time (interoping with an old Java SOAP engine) - plumbing and formatting, but the programming itself was such a good experience, and because of the problems encountered which were to do with how .NET was receiving/generating the XML I got to understand some internal stuff, and to deal with the serializer a bit, from which I learned a lot. Nowadays I am swamped with work on work hours, and try to spend as much time as possible with my girlfriend and friends - who aren't really into computers at all, so we don't do pet projects for fun. besides whenever I think of something I need, someone already did it before me... So why do it again.

Anyway, the reasons I'm printing Scott's list right now, are:
a. I want to know the answers, so I can see here were I need to focus my learning
b. We are hiring and looking in particular for ASP.NET developers (preferably with some experience in VB and classic ASP) - since we don't know .NET that good, we can ask pointed questions based on the list (which means my manager is getting a copy :-) so that he can get us good people...). Oh, if you are a good .NET developer, Live Israel and looking for a job, you can send your resume to me... 

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