Monday, February 14, 2005

Finally have some time to do long needed tasks

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For the last two months I have been in such a load of tasks to do, that I never even had time to take advantage of the fact that I got a new work computer.

For the last three years I have been working on a P3 600MHz workstation, I'm not complaining, it was an excellent machine and did quite well. The big plus was that I managed to get a memory upgrade for it so it was 256MB RAM instead of 128 - which was the main reason it lasted so long.

So a couple of months ago, one of my team-mates left our company for another job, since he came in later, he had a newer computer (they buy them on a need basis), a P4 2.8 500 MB RAM. I put in a request for it (I asked my boss if I can have it) and it was approved, since in any case we were expected to begin developing on Win2003/.NET environment - so more power was needed. However from that time untill today I didn't have time to create a working environment on that machine. Creating a working environment is a hard job here, especially in my team, because we each have the Web application installed on the machine and work on it. Since we work on many versions (we need to maintain back and forward versions in addition to the main version) this can cause issues, since actually the application can not co-exist with itself - there can't be more than one active installation on a single machine. Thinking about that limit. it is a little stupid, since it is not an application limit, but a limit caused by the application registry structure and some windows services that use them - TODO - research this (sometimes talking aloud makes me understand things better, and writing them down - helps me remember  them :-))

Anyway back to business, I'm almost done, a few more tweaks to do, some more productivity boosting utilities to install (I will post a list sometime of what I use, mostly freeware, and mostly mentioned in other places). And I will have a new lean mean working machine. Only problem is it doesn't have hebrew - I don't know why - but I will find out... Any of you Israelis/MS employees/just anyone can give me a hint on how to have Hebrew as an Input/Read language on Win2003 server?

[UPDATE] This question is no longer relevant, apparently there is a small check box in the regional settings area that when checked adds all those from left languages, an additional one allows for asian languages. Our helpdesk was very helpful this time - they usually are when you ask such questions.

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