Thursday, December 16, 2004

Why I'm currently staying with Google desktop

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I Installed MSN Toolbar suite a few days ago, and I just noticed today that I'm not using it, actually I spent more time to configure it (and there aren't that much configuration options), than the time I spent searching with it.

I continue to use Google desktop all the time. Why? well I can think of quite a few reasons.

1. For some reason the MSN Deskbar on my computer is flickering all the time (the buttons are blinking constantly) - which annoys me to the the point that I turn it off, therefore my only option is to search with the IE/Outlook toolbar
2. Outlook is constantly open on my desktop, however, I rarely actually look at it, what is almost always open is a browser (mostly IE), so the outlook integration doesn't help me and actually I haven't even used it once. I am a geek and I love testing things - but I do it in a context because I have it near me and the option is appealing, so I don't use outlook.
3. The default option in the MSN IE Toolbar is search web, this obviously sends me to the MSN search on the web - I don't like it at all. I like to search through Google. If I want to search my computer I have to select the option from the toolbar - Ouch!  I like to click “Enter“ instead of using buttons.
4. The Outlook email indexing of the MSN search is annoying, for example searching for my name, I expect it to bring only emails that contain my name (obviously most everything, but still not all of them). MS brings me each and every item, why? because my mail box is named after me, so that everything under that path is returned, Google brings much more relevant results, even on the desktop.
5. Web integration. when I search with Google I get all the results in one place and window - I like that. The fact that I can't directly do things like “send as attachment“ is uncomfortable, that was one of the main pluses of the MSN toolbar for me, but I miss viewing the web results in the same window...... Very much!
6. Last but not least, for me at least - Google is still a lot faster.

Actually I think the real main reason (while all the above is true) is that I had Google Desktop for longer and I'm already attached. That's the biggest mistake MS did - releasing after Google.

MSN Desktop (MSN Toolbar suite) is nice, but for now I'm sticking with Google.

Google has a lot to work on: Firefox integration, context handling, allowing extension of indexing engine like IFilter, which is a great feature of MSN Toolbar, I don't want to hack to add search capabilities (GD+), Gmail integration (why do I need notifier if I have the GD already), full blogger integration (I love the blogThis button), and more... and I'm sure they will do most of it soon.

I'm proposing a software challenge. Develop a small IE adding that integrates with Google search results, and allows displaying windows context items. anybody up for this?

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