Monday, December 6, 2004

Starting the .NET path

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Today we had a meeting with several Microsoft Israel people, where we discussed how to best bring our current application into the .NET world.

This is after the long time that I have been pushing to do this and giving all the reasons, apparently hearing it directly from Microsoft has a different effect on management :-)

There still is a long way to go, management which actually wants to go forward with this now, has to decide exactly what path to follow, somewhere between a full application re-design and no leaving the current situation as is - in the middle lie several options, out of which it appears that we will take the slow route - probably at first running ASP and ASP.NET side by side, and create some sort of data sharing between them (Session and Application), and from there creating new features in .NET. but this is just one of the options that was presented. So I'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway I enjoyed the meeting very much, even heard a few secrets :-) and saw a cool demo of master pages in ASP.NET 2.0 - excellent stuff. As a veteran of systems like Vignette I saw many familiar things there, and this are things that I was missing in standard ASP - combining Application Server into the language itself.

I think the message got across to the top level of our company that was attending.

In addition to this, I think everybody watching during the demo was more than a little impressed with Visual Studio 2005 Team System, my team leader was shocked. That's what you get when you are stuck to long using InterDev IDE (VB 6), and suddenly see how simple life can be.

Thanks Yosi and Leon and Doron for showing us the light :-).

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