Thursday, December 2, 2004

PDF Speedup - A must utility - Update!

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Just thought I'd pop and mention this excellent utility called PDF SpeedUP, it's freeware.
You can download it here or read about it here.

Thanks to and the Daily Grind - an excellent blog, with news you can use (at least if you are a software oriented geek :-))

I used it and it works as promised, speeds up acrobat speed by 10 fold. you only need to run it once, or if you want to restore a specific plugin then maybe once more... Who would've thought a one time use utility can be so useful.

Update: If you already installed GoogleDesktop and enjoy it, you will probably want to install this Addin/Replacement right now. It indexes a lot more file extensions (actually you can configure it to index whichever you want....)

Highly recommended, however, note that these are HACKED binaries so installation is at your own risk (make sure you follow the readme.txt file to the dot...).

This one from Scott Hanselman's blog

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