Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Moving to .NET (am I???)

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Hi, haven't written here for the longest time...

I'm still looking for a new job, since there are no really interesting offers flowing in (and I still have my old job), I'm still not making that move. Also there is a chance of salary rising at my current place of work - so I don't want to leave before that.

For the issue at hand, we are contemplating starting a move to .NET in our product. for those who haven't had the pleasure of knowing me yet, lets just say, I've been a programmet here for the last five years, and mostly wrote in VB, ASP using SQL Server for database. That's what the product I've been working on uses among others.

I've been pushing for the move to .NET for the last three years, after I got to do a project or two using it, and fell in love (some web services, and interop with Java). I mean it was hard to get into it (especially because of the interop issues) but once that was over - everything just went so smooth and easy. You just can't compare it with the old stuff. Not to mention the new IIS and http.sys.

Anyway to make a long story short, the company is now considering this finally. It usually takes them about three years to reach a decision when I'm offering the change - maybe I move to fast? I'm not sure. It took some people here threaten to quit the job, if a major change is not done (I don't know if you know, but looking at wanted ads in my type of profession, you see requirements for Java, .NET, C++ and non for VB - so the motivation is clear on my side).

However, no here can afford the budget of simply migrating the application to .NET at once (tens of thousands of lines of code). and the only option available is a slow process through releases where until completion the two platforms (VB and .NET) will be working side by side.

Now I've been looking around the internet, and searching for the main issues so we can prepare for them. there appear to be two main issues:

  1. Maintaining session state (ASPSession) between the two applications
  2. Using VB DLLs from the .NET assemblies and vice versa.

Can anyone point out some other issues they know of, or maybe recommend ways to deal with these issues? finding an easy solution for these will certainly speed our way in this.

Let me just mention some technical stuff: 

  • Our session holds objects as well as string data
  • We have many VB DLLs with dependencies (I don't know how this is relevant)
  • I need to understand how to deal with situations where DLL Compatibility is broken (mainly from the VB side.
  • Good DAL solutions (to convert the Data Layer from VB to .NET)
  • Any tips on using connection pooling (articles, solutions, anything)
  • We want to develop in C# mostly.

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