Monday, October 18, 2004

Manager for a week

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My team leader is gone for the week - for army reserve duty, and left me in-charge of the team in one of the most busy weeks.

I have 6 people on the team (including me), out of these two are outsourced directly from India, and one is outsourced from Israel, and the other three team members are the original team :)

During this week I have to manage about 4 releases - on different branches of the code, and believe me, this is not an easy task. Now I truly understand what a manager has to do - run around like a chicken without wings, hoping his team will be able to deliver ontime, and constantly monitoring them to see that it could never happen :(

This is definitely what I don't like to do, I like to work on my own project/mission and maybe even do some integration with some other team, but basically I like to code not to manage.

Wish me luck, the worst that can happen is that they fire me for incompetence, but that would actually be a good thing, I had enough of this place. But I doubt that they will fire me. seems like they like/need me too much.

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