Sunday, October 24, 2004

Looking for a new job...

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No I wasn't fired after my week of management, nor have I received any feedback on my performance - which is very dis-appointing.

Following my previous post where I kind of made it clear that I don't want to keep working here, this past week strengthened my resolve. So I did some steps - some interviews are coming ahead with some interesting options.

Just for you who are looking for workers, I'm an Internet Developer mainly working with VB, ASP, SQL Server (and of course client side scripting Javascript, HTML, CSS etc)

I've had some experience with Oracle Database (PL/SQL) and .NET programming (ASP.NET, Web services in C#)

Also in the past I worked with TCL on VIGNETTE (CMS Software) the e-commerce site I developed was closed since ( I think somebody already bought the domain). I'll probably post my CV in the next few days here.

Another important note is that I'm an American citizen, and am willing to re-locate for a good position.

If this interests you, feel free to contact me through email or comments.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Manager for a week

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My team leader is gone for the week - for army reserve duty, and left me in-charge of the team in one of the most busy weeks.

I have 6 people on the team (including me), out of these two are outsourced directly from India, and one is outsourced from Israel, and the other three team members are the original team :)

During this week I have to manage about 4 releases - on different branches of the code, and believe me, this is not an easy task. Now I truly understand what a manager has to do - run around like a chicken without wings, hoping his team will be able to deliver ontime, and constantly monitoring them to see that it could never happen :(

This is definitely what I don't like to do, I like to work on my own project/mission and maybe even do some integration with some other team, but basically I like to code not to manage.

Wish me luck, the worst that can happen is that they fire me for incompetence, but that would actually be a good thing, I had enough of this place. But I doubt that they will fire me. seems like they like/need me too much.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Will I never cease to be amazed by Google?

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After google, google toolbar, gmail and countless more exciting pieces of software... Google comes along with Google Desktop - Just plain amazing, and works seamlessly with all the other stuff they offer...

What can I say, I'm so waiting for GoogleOS! I will buy it the minute it is available. I have never seen such cool things. It searches in your Email, IM chats, Cached web pages, and documents. The only thing I would like is more configuration options (were to search, run index again) but I guess that to make it really dummy proof they had to do it this way.

Run and download!