Sunday, September 5, 2004

Back to the drawing board (actually back to MS Word)

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Well the last big project is mostly behind me, which means I delivered all I had to, and now waiting for the rejects, stuff that need to be fixed etc.

Actually I delivered it on thursday, but had to endure some questions and problems that our indian engineer friends encountered (imagine me, debugging their C++ code, me a simple VB coder, but amazingly I did it :) ).

So today, I back to my (almost) least favorite work, creating Technical Designs for new features, we are revamping the software API - my design was selected (YAY!!!). I think that I actually created quite a nice framework to do all of the APIs via a single generic interface (won't bother you with the details, but it's quite nice)

Anyway, the downside of this is, that once the framework is finished - someone also has to write the APIs themselves - and guess who that is???? Duh! you got it, me! (not all of them, but obviously, the most frustrating ones)...

Explaining about them won't tell you much, but needless to say, the system is quite complex, and navigating around it trying to implement such a basic feature as create event, is not a small thin, especially when we need to re-write the whole piece of crap. BANG!

So now I'm writing up a word document, explaining to all those who might want to know in the company, exactly what I wan to do, and try to find what areas (all) will be affected, include some Visio Drawings, and the rest of that boring stuff. Actually I like having a good technical design to work with, I find it easier to code, if I thought about everything first and set it all up logically on a piece of paper. but that doesn't have to mean I like doing it. :(

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