Thursday, September 2, 2004

Back from the Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat

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Just returned from a company wide week long leave, which means that the company (or at least the Israeli branch) closed down for a whole week. Why? don't ask me, they decided that this will save costs, and it was good for me. since I usually don't know how to go on vacation (I have over 40 days to use :()

And back to work, into the middle of an urgent project, involving too many developers spread out on three continents (at least), and too many unknowns.

I'm right at the center of it, with deadlines to meet (today there is a nice delivery to make).

Geek experience of the week:

I don't know if this exists in the USA, but here in Israel it is a very happy first for me. There is this coffee shop (think starbucks) in Israel, called Aroma. Very good, and the coffee is a lot better than starbucks. It works in much the same way as starbucks, you get on the line, order whatever you want, pay, and then wait until your name is called, and retrieve your order. This can get quite annoying when the place is packed (and it usually is).

This time I came, and Lo and Behold, a Touch Screen Kiosk, at the front of the shop, lets you order anything you want (has the entire menu for selection, and lets you write comments.)- no need for explaining to the cashier or handling pressure, just swipe your credit card and ask for what you want. The order gets printed right away for the kitchen, and very fast - you get your food+drinks. It was so much fun, I ordered twice...

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