Sunday, September 12, 2004

Anybody want's to buy me a birthday present???

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Back to geekiness :-)

Via Engadget

Logitech's Mobile Freedom Bluetooth Headset

Logitech Mobile Freedom Bluetooth Headset

Almost forgot to mention that Logitech rolled out a new Bluetooth cellphone headset yesterday. It’s usually hard to get all that jazzed up about yet another wireless headset, but the big deal about the Mobile Freedom Bluetooth Headset is that it uses a little something called Adaptive Frequency Hopping (we’re not entirely sure how this is different from Bluetooth’s integrated frequency hopping spread-spectrum—FHSS) to reduce any possible interference you might experience from WiFi or anything else that might be causing intereference around the 2.4GHz part of the spectrum that Bluetooth uses. It’s also got something Logitech calls WindStop, which supposedly reduces noise from wind hitting the mic; it weighs just an ounce and you should be able to get about seven hours of talk time on this baby.

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