Sunday, August 22, 2004

My first post

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My name is Moshe Eshel I'm a Software engineer working in a software company. I'll try to share some of the things that go on at work @home and other places which I think have some interest to you all.


We'll see how it goes.

Just a small problem I had, I wanted to share

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Just resolved an issue we had here at work.


In one of the applications we make, we have an Import Users function, that takes the data from a CSV file. When installing the application we demand that some I18N settings on the machine will be preset. such as the Language, the structure of the date format, and also the sList (list separator character)

However when installed by one of our customers in Germany, we encountered a problem were this function was failing and giving out a weird error message. Analysis showed that it wasn't using , (comma) as the separator. This caused it to take the whole Line as a single column (we are using Microsoft Text Driver to perform this action)


Apparently, it is not enough to set the sList character, you also need to go to a Key under Jet/4.0/../Text and set a seperator there (which had the value of ;) - apparently when setting up the machine they started with a german setup and that key was set to that value.

Eventually I solved this by using a special feature of the Text Driver called schema.ini which specifies defaults for running imports from a specific directory. However, it was re-assuring to detect the original source of the problem and understand why it didn't come up during the testing phases. (just released the patch :-)  )